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Which Type Of Pool Is Right For You?

Your in-ground pool is more than just a place to swim; it’s the focal point of your backyard and the ideal setting for endless hours of family fun.From summertime splash-fights to sophisticated parties, in-ground swimming pools add beauty, excitement, and escape to any home.Several factors should be considered when selecting a type of pool, such as affordability, ongoing maintenance, and available space.To get the absolute most from your new inground swimming pool, you must choose the right type of pool.

Plaster Pools

Concrete and plaster were the most commonly used building materials for in-ground pools when they became popular. Since concrete is long-lasting, dense, and porous, it allows the plaster-coated shell to hold water, support the structure, and provide additional life.Because concrete is dense and porous, it can hold water and support the structure, allowing the plaster-coated shell to last as long as possible.

Vinyl Pools

We know from experience that damage to your home or business premises and possessions can have a huge impact. Are you dealing with water damage? Then you want it resolved quickly, without too much additional inconvenience. Get The Wet Out can help you with this; we take the worry out of it, limit the consequential damage and closely monitor the recovery process. Water damage restoration is our specialty!

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are prefabricated products, so requesting a customized design is rare.You can typically choose from a variety of fiberglass models.Pre-formed steps, spas, and seats are common.The construction of pools made from fiberglass is quick and easy.Smooth interior surfaces make it difficult for algae to cling. However, Fiberglass deteriorates after ten to fifteen years of exposure to sunlight and chemicals and putting a new coating on top of the old one isn’t easy since the new one doesn’t stick as well as the old.

Swimming Pool Water Features

If space is at a premium, you may want to choose a swimming pool water feature that’s easy to install and move. Water features can be built into a wall or mounted to a pergola or overhang. They can also be used as a transitional feature between a main pool and hot tub, creating a graceful transfer of water. Regardless of your choice, water features add beauty and entertainment to your backyard oasis.

Bubble Jets

Bubble jets are one of the most popular water features. They create a soothing effect as they bubble, gurgle and burp through the water. Bubbles can be designed into your pool deck or placed within your swimming pool . For a more dramatic look choose multiple bubblers that are set in different areas of the pool


There are several types of pool waterfalls designs from which to choose from contemporary with a streamlined water flow to a nature-instpired one with a foamy cascade. A pool waterfall, like any pool water feature, can vary in price and size depending on your requirements.


Fountains for fiberglass pools are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and placement options.In addition to aesthetics, budget, and pool size, other factors will influence your choice. With a spillover fountain, water flows from a higher to a lower position, creating a serene environment.

Pool Renovations & Repair

Pools wear as they age, and design trends come and go as well.Our pool remodeling specialists can assist you in creating your very own private oasis by transforming your backyard pool. Regardless of whether you have an existing pool or not, you can always renovate or add new amenities to your pool. Custom rock elements, lighting, waterfalls, and spas can all be added to enhance your pool.Adding a new coat of paint to your pool can make the difference between a dull and uninteresting swimming pool and an oasis of calm in your own backyard. We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to upgrade your pool’s surface, tiles, and coping.

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